The Evening Zoo in the Country starts like this...Kinda... Cory Daniels and Un-prodictable Co-Host Jack Daniels, absolutely no Relation, re-imaged the Evening Zoo in the Country which played on Radio Stations including, but not limited to Terrestrial Radio Stations, NOT INTERNET, there is a HUGE difference. WDYL Eloree SC, FM88 Australia, 98.7 Canada, Space Coast Radio and others.

The Pricing for Radio Stations is dependant upon Market Size.  Right now, you try it for 60 days, that will give you a chance to see the show work in your broadcast Area.  

If you decide to keep going, you can sign the contract at a start rate of $650.00, without the DAMN Bunny.

This is Lower then what you would pay to Hire an On-Air Talent out of the box, no to mention, the countless Medical and other Insurance problems that you will no longer have.

I can't tell you the price because it's guarded by National Security, ok not really, but it sounds cool.  For more information, Complete the Form Below and I will get back when someone unlocks this closet I'm in..
I'm Cory Daniels
Thank you for the Company
Copyrighting Prohibited by Law
Action Figures Sold Separately
Batteries Not included
Not available with any offer.  Until Next time,
Help control the Human Population, Have your Spouse spade or Neutered

SoundtraX Express, LLC Broadcasting Group
"Total Entertainment Solutions"
Includes, but not limited to the following subsidiaries...

Cory Daniels, "It's my Business to Have Voices."
American Country Radio Network "From the TWANG to the Next BIG THANG"
FunnyFooger, "Come to Life, Be a FunnyFooger."

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Evening Zoo in the Country Album Hour with Ray Stevens
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Evening Zoo in the Country Broadcast Stations Anytime Air Promo 2
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